Why is Carbon Link needed?

For two centuries, wealth has been flowing from rural to urban landscapes. Now is the time to bring wealth back to the struggling rural communities. Farmers are the only people on earth who have the capacity to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. They not only have the ability to remove it from the atmosphere, but have the ability to put it to good use to improve food production and ecosystem health.

The most common carbon schemes are based on slowing or avoiding emission and are, therefore, very limited in the impact they can have on atmospheric carbon. The best they can do is to slow the rate of emissions. It’s like slowing down the rate at which someone drives toward a cliff.

Sequestration on the other hand moves carbon from the atmosphere and can occur in both biomass (eg trees) and soil.

Adding carbon to soil increases:

  • food production
  • water holding capacity
  • mineral cycling
  • biodiversity, and
  • food quality