Soil Carbon

Soil Carbon is the missing link in removing C02 from the atmosphere, with the co-benefits of improving soil fertility, increasing water holding capacity and biodiversity, improving mineral cycling and food quality, making land and farming businesses more resilient to seasonal variations and providing a win/win for the environment.

There is 800Gt of carbon stored in the atmosphere, 610 Gt of carbon in all terrestrial life and 1,580 Gt of carbon stored in soils (to 1m), more than the first two combined. Soil is the largest carbon pool over which humans can have an influence. Soil, therefore, offers the greatest potential for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The good news is that farmers who adopt appropriate management practices can improve soil carbon stocks and trade the increase on the carbon market.

The greatest benefit of all is that Soil Carbon levels are the single best indicator of soil health and the sustainability of agriculture, so by working to increase soil carbon we are also improving the productivity and resilience of land.

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