Climate change

What’s in a word?

The terms Climate change, sea level rise and global warming are often misinterpreted.  It is very clear that the climate has always changed, the oceans have risen and fallen and who really cares about a few degree change in temperature when ice ages have gripped the world many time before.

Moving beyond the superficial interpretations of words what we are concerned about, and seeking to take action to mitigate, is significant increases in carbon dioxide and other gasses in the atmosphere resulting from human activity that changes the energy balance which can change the climate in a way that has the potential to have significant negative impacts particularly on the agricultural sector.

Farmers are on the front line of climate change.  It seems fitting, therefore, that they also have one of the most potent weapons to address the problem – taking carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it up in the soil.

Soil carbon is the single best indicator of soil health.  Building soil carbon not only helps to mitigate climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere, it also builds resilience and helps to underpin a profitable agricultural sector.