About CarbonLink


CarbonLink was born out of the need to support farmers to earn an income by improving their soil.

Who are we?

We are a passionate team of scientists, engineers, farmers and business people providing end-to-end service to help you deliver your soil carbon project.

Our unique strategic partnership with regenerative agriculture education and advisor Resource Consulting Services (RCS) combined with our own technical expertise offers means we are a complete end-to-end soil carbon company who can guide you through every step of the process. Backed by our remote sensing technology, drilling rig and world-leading, patented soil scanner, our process offers the most accurate and future-proof testing in the market whilst ensuring maximum returns for our clients.

We have worked hand-in-hand with the Clean Energy Regulator, leading universities and the CSIRO to develop industry-leading systems and technology, ensuring our projects adhere to the highest standards of compliance and deliver genuine carbon abatement.

The carbon market is ever-changing and the delivery of a soil carbon project can be a complicated process. As we move into this period of massive opportunity for our industry, it is important that you partner with an organisation that have the skills, experience, integrity and technical capabilities necessary to guide you through this process.

CarbonLink Technology

CarbonLink has been a pioneer of soil carbon methods and over years of research and development has developed leading-edge technology to deliver cost-effective and accurate soil carbon measurements.

Carbon stocks are measured upon commencement of a project to establish baseline carbon stocks. The project must then be remeasured at regular intervals, usually every 3 to 5 years and must be taken at least every 5 years.

The challenge with measuring soil carbon is that soils are highly variable geographically and carbon levels fluctuate over time.

To ensure that any carbon credits issued represent genuine abatement, discounts are applied to credits based on the amount of uncertainty in the measurement. The higher the uncertainty, the greater the discount that is applied to credits.

Therefore, an accurate measurement is critical to delivering a successful project. However, conventional soil carbon testing methods are expensive, difficult to complete and produce highly uncertain results.

CarbonLink uses SCANS technology to measure soil carbon developed in partnership with CSIRO. This enables Carbon Link to map the complete soil carbon profile down to 1.5m and accurately track changes in carbon stock over time.

SCANS technology in combination with advanced geo-statistical analysis and remote sensed data enables Carbon Link to provide a superior measurements when compared with conventional dry combustion bulk sampling methods.

We continue to partner with leading research organisations and pioneer new systems, technology and methods to reduce costs, improve reliability and reduce barriers for producers, enabling them to capitalise on their natural capital. Contact us to find out more.

Carbon Link’s Why

At Carbon Link, we believe that maximizing the productivity of soils is a key to global carbon abatement.  Through assisting producers to improve soil productivity, Carbon Link’s purpose is to maximise carbon uptake and in parallel, assist them to realise more productive, profitable and sustainable businesses.  Research and continuous improvement are implicit with Carbon Link’s vision.  Carbon Link, together with its industry partners continues to partner with and lead research into new systems, technology and methods to reduce costs, improve reliability and reduce barriers for producers, enabling them to capitalise on their natural capital.

Carbon Link’s Values

•Excellence in science, technology and innovation

•Positively contribute to a sustainable future

•Genuine and additional abatement

•Inclusiveness, integrity and respect

•Transparency and accountability

•Wellbeing and safety in all we do