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Soil carbon grant funding to deliver new technology

CarbonLink™ has been awarded $2.3 Million in Federal Government grant funding. In partnership with The Mullion Group, Cibo Labs Pty Ltd and Maia Grazing, we will commercialise an approach to deliver low cost, high accuracy soil condition and soil organic carbon measurements using novel soil core proximal sensors in combination with advanced spatial models.

CarbonLink R&D shows producers can massively improve returns with a soil carbon project

Australian farmers have the potential to increase their profitability by engaging in a soil carbon project, according to leading soil carbon project developer CarbonLink.  Commercial Director Andrew Gatenby said, “We are encouraging Australian farmers to consider the benefits of implementing practice changes which improve productivity, enhance soil health, and also offer financial benefits through the production, measurement and issuance of ACCU’s (Australian Carbon Credit Units).