Our NetImpact Programme

Moving your farm forward, together.

We’ve designed the NetImpact Programme to provide you with the knowledge and know-how you need to objectively understand, decide on and implement a carbon farming project with the help of CarbonLink. Your unique plan will provide you with the following.


We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about carbon farming and its potential benefits to your business.


We’ll recommend potential practice changes based on your property’s climate, soil type and rainfall designed to improve carbon sequestration.


Your plan will contain estimated projections for potential carbon sequestration and the resulting ACCU generation.


Our mapping process will provide keymaps detailing your land’s potential carbon farming areas.

Risk Mitigation

We will outline all risks and opportunities associated with soil carbon farming, providing you with a clear understanding of what to expect.

What’s inside your Plan

Unlocking the potential of your land

You’ll get more from your land by implementing our carefully researched and tested processes.


CarbonLink offers cutting-edge imaging services to enhance your soil carbon business. Our sampling rigs collect soil samples at 1200mm depth for accurate testing in our labs. Advanced sensors and analytics deliver precise insights into your property’s carbon levels, optimising ACCU returns.

You can effectively forecast current and future carbon yields with industry-leading data analysis, unlocking your land’s potential and maximising returns by leveraging our technology to unearth the hidden carbon resources beneath the surface.


CarbonLink provides top-tier mapping services spearheaded by our skilled GIS, remote sensing, and geostatistical experts. Using high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced tools, we visually showcase your soil carbon farming potential.

Decades of experience and state-of-the-art techniques like machine learning and geostatistical algorithms ensure project success. Our meticulous approach includes 3D visualisation for accurate mapping and precise field sampling site selection. With CarbonLink, you’ll receive comprehensive mapping solutions that maximise the success of your soil carbon farming ventures through scientific precision and advanced technology.

NetImpact Management & Support

CarbonLink will provide you with support throughout your carbon farming project. Our Carbon Farming Advisors (CFAs) provide hands-on support, delivering updates and education on carbon farming based on the latest scientific practices.

With rural backgrounds and land expertise, our CFAs offer practical solutions tailored to your farm’s needs. Through continuous education and advice, they empower farmers to enhance sustainability, productivity, and prosperity well before earning a single carbon credit. Partnering with CarbonLink means investing in a future where farms thrive economically, lands remain fertile, and environmental stewardship is secured for generations.

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Our Carbon Farming Adisors are here to offer support and advice at all stages of your carbon farming project.

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