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Changing Australian Agriculture.

At CarbonLink, we’re more than just pioneers in carbon farming – we’re committed to helping you create a reliable future for your farm, business, community and the environment. Our understanding and expertise, honed through superior research and development, empower you to enhance land productivity and secure prosperity long before carbon credit eligibility.

We go beyond transactions, offering education for growth through our CFAs, who deliver tailored, actionable advice rooted in real science. Our commitment to comprehensive sustainability ensures a clear path to success in the evolving landscape of agriculture, transforming the very foundation of Australian agricultural practices for a thriving future.


The very foundation of what we do and how we do things, our scientific approach, underpins the outcomes that directly affect you and your farming business. Rest assured, what we suggest has been researched and tested. We don’t work off of theoretical frameworks.


Agriculture in Australia can be unpredictable at the best of times. CarbonLink will work with you to build greater certainty of productivity that underpins productivity by providing you with the tools and information you need to improve your land and business.


We work with you. We’ll be there throughout your carbon project journey to offer advice, information and learning resources that will improve the land and you, too. Our approach is the key to improving understanding, which, in turn, maximises the outcomes of your carbon farming project.

The NetImpact Programme

End-to-end. Wherever we’re needed.
  • 01. EOI

    To begin your journey to a better farming future, contact us by filling out and sending the form on this site or calling us at 1800 97 57 34. Once we receive your EOI, one of our Carbon Farming Advisors will contact you.

  • 02. Assessment

    Your Carbon Farming Advisor will work with you to ascertain the nature of your property and determine its suitability for a carbon project. They’ll also run you through the processes and explain the risks and opportunities in detail.

  • 03. NetImpact Plan

    Once we’ve completed all preliminary testing, you will receive your tailored NetImpact Project Plan outlining the approach and actions needed to meet the agreed objectives.

  • 04. NetImpact Management & Support

    To get the best results from your project, you can count on ongoing support from CarbonLink in the form of continuing reporting and management, information and educational material designed to maximise your investment.

Want to know more?

We understand that carbon farming is a big investment so we’ve put together some useful information to help you figure out if it’s right for you. Download our brochure or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

A proud history of helping Australian producers

Established in 2007 by Terry McCosker OAM, CarbonLink aims to revolutionise Australian agriculture by assisting farmers in carbon sequestration and soil enhancement.

Pioneering the soil carbon industry, we offer innovative technology and unparalleled service. Our extensive team of experts educates and supports rural businesses, tailoring solutions for family-owned and corporate entities alike.

We ensure accurate measurements by utilising advanced methods like 1200mm soil sampling instead of the usual 300mm, assessing the suitability of your property for a carbon farming project quickly and cost-effectively.

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