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We can’t wait to see you on 26th May. Find us on Barker Street (Site 35).

Come and say G’day

Don’t miss your chance to revolutionise your farming business! For one day only, on 26 May, CarbonLink will be at Beef Casino.

Come and chat with Craig, our expert in soil carbon farming, to discover how our innovative, research-driven approach can deliver consistent benefits to your farm and introduce a new revenue stream. Learn how to smooth out the peaks and troughs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

This is a unique opportunity to secure a reliable future for your farm. Visit us at Beef Casino and take the first step towards a more stable and prosperous farming operation.

Where to Find Us

You can find us at Site 35 on Barker Street at the location on the map below.

Simplify carbon farming complexity

With CarbonLink

Carbon farming is a comprehensive strategy for business viability, land productivity, and environmental improvement that will lead to a secure farming and financial future for you and future generations.

When you partner with CarbonLink, you’ll gain clarity amidst all the complexity. Our straightforward processes and practical strategies will simplify your transition to carbon farming and enable practice change. Work with us, and you’re not just investing in your future; you’re creating a clear path to economic success and environmental legacy in the changing world of Australian agriculture.

Want to know more?

We understand that carbon farming is a big investment so we’ve put together some useful information to help you figure out if it’s right for you. Download our brochure or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

Chat with Craig, one of our Carbon Farming experts

Come and meet Craig Stieler, one of our Carbon Farming Advisors; Craig brings a wealth of experience from plantation forestry and soil science. With a background in soil assessments and growth modelling, Craig has developed his expertise at leading forestry companies. He has also served as a senior laboratory technician, specialising in soil sample coordination and Carbon analysis. A graduate of Southern Cross University, Craig has a Bachelor of Environmental Science and an Honours degree in soil biological responses to herbicides. Craig has a deep knowledge of farm mapping, soils, and soil biology. His comprehensive understanding makes him a vital asset to our team.

Craig Stieler

Carbon Farming Advisor

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