We‘re investing in Australia’s soil carbon farming future.

As part of our long-term commitment and mission to ‘educate, enable and support producers to measure, manage, monitor and monetise their carbon farming potential’, we’ve recently added to our state-of-the-art fleet several new drilling and sampling rigs delivering world leading soil carbon sampling technology for Australian producers.

The high-tech drill rigs provide a key CarbonLink™ value proposition. That is, we sample at depths up to 1200mm, far deeper than 300mm used elsewhere. The benefit being that our clients receive extra value from samples taken at depths where soil organic carbon is more stable leading to a highly accurate soil analysis via our NetScan™ technology. Combine this approach with our NetSpatial™ mapping and NetImpact™ Plan and producers can be confident that their soil carbon farming journey is on track from day 1.

For a free consult on the potential of your property to generate ACCUs through soil carbon farming contact us.