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The effects of soil degradation go far beyond our own backyards – they can lead to reduced crop yields, increased water and air pollution, an increase in the cost of food production, desertification, and even significant contributions to climate change.
Choosing the right partner to project manage your soil carbon farming will make a big difference in ACCUs earned. CarbonLink™ have numerous soil carbon projects registered (>100,000 ha) and have already achieved impressive results from existing projects.
Carbon credits are a dinner table topic just now. Especially in agriculture where the conversation circles around earning carbon credits, and what role sequestration (adding carbon to the soil via photosynthesis) plays in this.
We‘re investing in Australia’s soil carbon farming future. As part of our long-term commitment and mission to ‘educate, enable and support producers to measure, manage, monitor and monetise their carbon farming potential’...
If you’re a producer in Australia, chances are you’ve heard of soil carbon farming. But what is it? And more importantly, what are the benefits? Soil carbon farming is gaining traction as an effective way to improve soil health, reduce risk for businesses, and mitigate climate change.
Meat & Livestock Australia is investing in the future of southern rangelands with an exciting, four-year project called the Rangelands Living Skin.

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