Unearth productivity, resilience and income at Beef Week 2024

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Join us for a range of talks and events on how carbon farming can benefit you.

Here’s what we’re up to at Beef2024.

Come and chat with us at our stand in the Tech Yards and Innovation Hub for an in-depth understanding of carbon farming and how it can help you, and chat about how our superior science and tech drive better results. If you are more interested in the practical application of a soil carbon farming project, join us at Coolum Pastoral to see and hear for yourself from those with first-hand experience and listen to a presentation from Zoe Maskell on how we implement a project. Hear Terry McCosker talk about the actual outcomes and ways you can utilise ACCUs for your benefit. Chris McCosker will deliver a talk challenging conventional thinking on beef cattle and climate change, highlighting how Australian graziers improve beef production by implementing carbon solutions that boost productivity, increase profit and benefit the environment.

We look forward to seeing you.

Where to Find Us

You can find us in the Ken Coombe OAM Tech Yards and Innovation Hub at the location on the map below.

Making Carbon Count for Australian Beef

Tech Talks and Conversations

Carbon Conversations

Thursday 9th May, 9 – 10am
NBN Tech and Innovation Stage

Join Terry McCosker OAM, founder of CarbonLink, as he presents the latest findings on soil carbon projects and how we’ve successfully issued credits to our clients. His talk, ‘ACCUs – So What? Insetting, Offsetting and What Producers Can Do With Their Carbon Credits’ will explore the practical applications of carbon credits for enhancing sustainability in farming practices. Hamish Webb will explain the decision-making process for producers regarding insetting and offsetting, as well as the options available once credits are received. Nick Thompson will provide insights from the retail and brand perspective, examining market responses and the evolving dynamics in demand.

CarbonLink Tech Talk

Thursday 9th May, 2pm
NBN Tech and Innovation Stage

Join us for a groundbreaking talk by Chris McCosker that will challenge the mainstream narrative on beef cattle, emissions and climate change. Discover how Australian Graziers are transforming beef production into a profitable force for good, leveraging carbon solutions to drive revenues and combat global warming. Don’t miss out on this innovative approach that challenges conventional wisdom and offers a path forward.

9 May
All Day

Property Tour

Coolum Pastoral

Coolum Pastoral will welcome you to their property and share their experience with a soil carbon project. They’ll showcase how you can graze your land effectively while having a soil carbon project. Listen to a presentation by Zoe Maskell, Delivery Lead—Soil Carbon Projects, CarbonLink, on implementing a carbon farming project.

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May 2024
We’re at Beef Week 2024 and can’t wait to see you there. Come and chat with us at our stand in the Tech Yards and Innovation Hub for an in-depth understanding of carbon farming and how it can help you, and chat about how our superior science and tech drive better results.
The effects of soil degradation go far beyond our own backyards – they can lead to reduced crop yields, increased water and air pollution, an increase in the cost of food production, desertification, and even significant contributions to climate change.
Choosing the right partner to project manage your soil carbon farming will make a big difference in ACCUs earned. CarbonLink™ have numerous soil carbon projects registered (>100,000 ha) and have already achieved impressive results from existing projects.
The McGowan Government will deliver $3.3 million to 10 innovative carbon farming projects to help unlock the potential for Western Australian agriculture to mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration.
Australian farmers have the potential to increase their profitability by engaging in a soil carbon project, according to leading soil carbon project developer CarbonLink.