CarbonLink’s proven track record rewarded with $2.3 Million Federal Government Grant

We’ve received some special news.

CarbonLink™ has been awarded $2.3 Million in Federal Government grant funding. In partnership with The Mullion GroupCibo Labs Pty Ltd and Maia Grazing, we will commercialise an approach to deliver low cost, high accuracy soil condition and soil organic carbon measurements using novel soil core proximal sensors in combination with advanced spatial models. We will be working with multiple landholders to demonstrate the use and value of the sensor technology at commercial scale across Australia. It’s great to receive this vote of confidence from the Government and we look forward to sharing the outputs as they emerge. Be sure to follow us to keep informed on how this innovation progresses.

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How we’re different

Business Development Manager Charlie Hawkins explains what makes CarbonLink™ unique and innovative.

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